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WebM Video Support and Customizable Controls

New updates include video support, maximizing new browser windows, hiding controls, and many more optimizations, improvements, and fixes!

Captivate your audience with visually appealing content and customize your browser and screen controls with the new Lectora® Desktop 21.5 updates. 

WebM Video Support

Lectora Desktop supports WebM videos, allowing you to integrate transparent background videos into your courses.

Maximize Your New Browser Window 

When opening a new browser window with an action, you now have the option to maximize its size.

Customize Your Media Controller

Create a distraction-free learning environment with the new options to hide Fullscreen and Speed controls on the media controller.

Modern Object Movement

Enjoy a smoother editing process when moving objects. Lectora Desktop no longer leaves behind a placeholder where the object originally was.

These enhancements, along with many other optimizations, improvements, and fixes are included in this update.

Read the full release notes for more information.



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