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Training Curriculum Analysis & Strategic Learning Strategy

AI Training Services

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Curriculum Analysis & Design

The modern learner is overwhelmed, impatient, and distracted, especially with companies who are dispersed (remote/hybrid) workforces. Keeping people engaged with the right content, the right amount of content, and the right levels of engagement can be a daunting task.

ELB Learning will:

Audit content to determine core focus for business objectives; make recommendations to reach true objectives

Trim content to make learning simpler and more digestible for the learner

Bring in new learning technologies and experiences to enhance the learning experience

Capitalize on current learning trends

Design, develop, and deploy learning experiences to reach and then measure KPIs

Connect with the client at Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to measure results

eLearning Solutions
eLearning Developer

Content Development

Speed-to-learner is a constant concern due to constantly evolving business pressures (revenue, new product SKUs, new skills, etc.) and often L&D teams cannot keep up with the pace alongside other duties in their roles. Other times, it’s about volumes of legacy content that need updating and/or conversion into another more impactful modality.

ELB Learning will:

Develop foundational through immersive learning experiences

Reach the learning program target release dates on time and within budget

Provide and help clients choose the right modality options for upgrading and/or trimming content, including e-learning templates & modules, games, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive videos, chatbots, job aids, etc.

Increase engagement; decrease ramp time; increase knowledge retention

Introduce new learning technologies to learner audiences by utilizing our internal expertise.

Adopt industry best practices to retain knowledge and change behaviors

Learning Delivery

Facilitators are always in demand and often classes are in several time zones than the average L&D department can handle. Also, many facilitators and subject matter experts (SMEs) aren’t formally trained in best-in-class virtual/in-person facilitation practices including learner handling, setups, moderation/production, activities management, and engagements.

ELB Learning will:

Deliver engaging virtual and/or on-site training sessions, workshops, and events

Deploy training in multiple global regions with expert-level facilitators

Scale your classes due to our ready-to-train facilitation team

L&D Consultant
Learning Experience Platform

Learning Technology Consulting

With so many technology vendors, it’s hard to know where to start. Many clients want new technology features without getting into the core business need and creating a feature/value-to-the-business matrix when determining the right technologies to help them succeed. There are many new integration requirements (e.g. SSO, HRIS systems, etc.) and expectations with businesses that may or may not be on your roadmap.

ELB Learning brings value by helping you:

Implement a variety of recommended learning platforms and technologies to create an integrated learning ecosystem

Determines the right fit for authoring tools and content management systems

Gain exposure to industry AI systems

LMS / LXP Administration

Not all companies have dedicated LMS/LXP administration support. Very often these duties are spread out between different teams such as operations and/or instructional design teams. These teams also play double duty for support troubleshooting and reporting which can be overwhelming and demotivating.

ELB Learning can help you:

Establish and execute processes for system administration and user/access management

Establish governance for content additions and updates, team workflows, and segmentations

Improve service delivery times for all system users (content managers and development teams)

Provide end-user training

Run reports and set up automation for upper management

 LMS Support And Training
Employee Training System

Analytics & Insights

Many companies cannot tell you the value of their learning programs. They simply may not have a measurement strategy established. Often, they declare they need “training”, but that may not be the case. There are many areas that need to be explored including mapping learning objectives to desired business outcomes, We strongly believe in thoughtful design before development. We’ll conduct several valuable iterations to fully understand what the potential impact is on the bottom line.

ELB Learning will help you:

Uncover the root of your problems and knowledge gaps to validate that learning is necessary

Map learning objectives to business goals and desired behaviors

Correlate deployed learning initiatives to business results

Recognize patterns of individual and group engagement with current materials

Execute strategies to turn insights into improved results

L&D Staff Augmentation

Many companies do not have enough resources to meet their objectives and are tapped out of full-time employee headcount budgets. They need more people to get projects completed with aggressive time deadlines. They need the right people with the right skills to handle the work. There is not always time to train their own staff on various technologies or content areas.

ELB Learning can help you:

Bring in the right experts who have a proven track record of onboarding quickly and executing projects to scale

Upskill your internal staff by partnering with our experts

Achieve aggressive project deadlines with top-quality outputs

Integrate a diverse group of on-demand L&D professionals with experience across industries

Agile Staffing Solutions

ELB Learning is committed to adhering to DEI commitments through interface, language, and characterization and ensuring courses are accessible and 508 Compliance when necessary.

Let’s get started crafting your learning program today!

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