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Your Holiday Wishlist

Unwrap The Gift of New CenarioVR® Updates

Happy Holidays! To celebrate this holiday season with you, we're excited to bring you virtual gifts to make your CenarioVR experience merrier and more magical than ever.

Random Values 

Randomize anything within your scenario! A random number can be used anywhere where variable substitution is possible by using the syntax %RAND(min,max)%.

Copy & Paste Selected Actions

Need to copy one or more actions within your scenario? Select individual or multiple actions in the list without having to copy them all.

New Object Type: Event

An event contains a set of actions that are executed as a group. Similar to a timed event, but without the time associated with it. You can add as many actions as you want to your event.

New Action: Run Event

Allows you to run a set of actions on any trigger within CenarioVR, and even specify a delay when running it.

New Effects & Animations: Float, Pulse, and Blink

Create more dynamic movements for your objects with these new effect animations.

​​Preserve Position & Size When Replacing Resources

When you replace the resource for an object, it will remember the dimensions of the object being replaced, and fit the new resource in the object's bounding box while maintaining its aspect ratio.

These and many more updates are available to make this holiday memorable!

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