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Scene Direction: A New Perspective & More

Walk around or tour an area exactly as you see it!

Amplify the Immersive Experience

Scene Direction

Get an accurate view of an immersive space as you enter and exit a scene.
As learners move from each room or space, their view can match what they would really see based on where they are standing, entering, or leaving an area.
To specify what your learners should see, set your “scene direction” within the hotspot.

Next to the name of the scene, click the pie chart icon to load up, rotate, and select the exact view you’d like learners to see. Once you change it, you’ll see the pie chart icon pointing a different direction - just like the learner’s view as they move from room to room!
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Branch By Platform

Customize the immersive experience based on how learners are viewing content.
In the hotspot, you can apply conditional actions based on your learner’s platform or viewing device. You can add an action for headsets only, or make an adjustment for viewers on the web.

A High Impact Experience

Experience VR in an Immersive Room

NEW! Integration with Igloo
Imagine taking a scenario out of your headset and wrapping it around an entire room! Now you can with CenarioVR’s support for Igloo!


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