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Custom Analytics for Your Scenarios, Plus Publishing to ANY LMS

Ever wonder how your immersive learning scenarios are being used? Many people are looking for the ability to create custom analytics, including tracking and aggregating data within your scenario that is not covered by most systems’ standard analytics. However, with CenarioVR, every variable for each scenario can be set, tracked, evaluated, and detailed in beautiful dashboards.
This level of analytic analysis isn’t even possible with SCORM, and traditionally with xAPI, this would require writing custom xAPI statements in your content, and then writing custom reporting to view the data. Most people do not have the bandwidth to do this, so CenarioVR makes it easy for you.

What Custom Data Can You Track for CenarioVR® Scenarios?

Standard learning analytics are generally based on score, completion, click behavior, questions answered, and pass/fail and completion status per learner alongside the experience timeline and a leaderboard for score and time spent. But, in CenarioVR you also get all of the variables for the scenario, aggregated for learners by creating and tracking custom variables.
For example, are viewers skipping an immersive audio intro, and if so, how many? Or, where are learners navigating first if hotspots and questions are not visible in the forefront?
You can create Variables such as First Scene Entered, First Question Answered, and Skipped Intro, and then give them some initial values that make sense. Then specify and set each variable to track a value upon completion.

To explore all the possibilities, click the Analytics tab to visualize your scenario’s standard and custom data points.

Standard & Custom Metrics Dashboards with Summary

In the example below, a section summarizes how learners interact with content as a group. Plus, you can drill down further to see every variable for each learner.

To learn more about what you can measure, visit our Knowledge Base article or view a quick video.



Are you using another platform besides CenarioVR? You can share a fully immersive, VR view on any other learning platform too. Any HTML publish (including SCORM) of CenarioVR content can now run in full VR mode when using controllers in WebXR or when run from a browser on your Oculus headset. Immerse your learners anywhere!
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