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Heads Up! Expect A Better Headset Experience. Rest Your Fingers and Neck

See 360 degrees of your scenario without moving your head. Plus, type less when logging in.

Text Field Improvements: Give Your Fingers A Break!

Log in with less typing required - the last 5 user IDs are automatically saved! Select any user login from the drop-down menu and switch between logins with ease.

Plus, spend less time typing by inserting text with a Caret selection. Just highlight what you need to edit and type the characters you need to change.

Oh, Snap! View 360-Degrees Without Turning Your Head

Introducing the "Snap Turning" option. See 360 degrees without moving your head - use your stick or touchpad.

Heads Up! Feature Name Change

"Pan to" is now changing to “Snap to” in headset apps. It allows you to use the “Pan to” action in your scenarios without the user falling or getting nauseous.

Check out our video demo here.

Login to CenarioVR and check out these updates!

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