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Drag, Drop, & Spin. New Interactions for Hotspots!

Drag, drop, and spin items around for a closer look. Imagine the possibilities!

Drag Items

Prompt learners to click on items and drag them to a designated Drop Spot location. Items can be 2D images (PNG, JPEG) or 3D objects (GLB).

Drop Spots

Define your hotspot as a Drop Spot where learners can drop one or more objects. If your learner misses a drop spot location, by default the object will move back to the original location.

Spin 3D Objects

Give learners a 360-degree view of a 3D model (GLB format) by defining it as a Spin object.

New Action Triggers

Actions can be triggered on just about anything. Actions can occur when the item or items are:
  • At the start of a drag
  • When the item is dropped
  • When a drag item hovers into or out of the Drop zone

New Conditions

“Contains” and “Is Drop Target” conditions can also be applied based on how you wish the learners to interact with the drop target.

To further explore more possibilities with Drag, Drop, & Spin features, check out the quick demo video.


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