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Medical Assets

Create realistic healthcare training for medical professionals.

Our large library of health-related and royalty-free medical stock images are perfect for creating training for the health and wellness, pharmaceutical, or medical industries.

These professional 3D renderings make it easy to demonstrate medical procedures, diagnostic information, body systems, clinical environments, and more.

Over 1,500 anatomical, realistic medical renderings & videos for any medical project.

A skeleton is shown with different parts of the body.


People always say “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Make sure your medical images of what’s inside are accurate with these organ renderings.

A close up of a plate of food with crackers.A picture of a human lung.A picture of a brain on a white background.A diagram of the kidney and the kidney.A picture of a human heart.
A diagram of the lungs.
A human brain is shown on a white background.
A diagram of the human kidney.
A human heart is shown in this image.
bones of the pelvisA picture of the ribs of a human skeleton.A human skull is shown in this image.bones of the human foot
The ribs of a human skeleton.
A human skeleton is shown with a white background.
bones of the foot


No funny bones here—just realistic renderings of the skeletal system. These medical stock images of bones are perfect teaching aids.

Medical Environments

When you need to set the scene for your healthcare training, turn to these stock images of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.

A blurry photo of a waiting room with blue chairs.A hospital room with medical equipment in it.A blurry photo of a hospital room with a blue chair.A large white building sitting on the side of a road.A blurry image of a bathroom with a tv on the wall.
A waiting room with blue chairs and a clock.
A hospital room filled with lots of medical equipment.
A hospital room with a chair and a table.
An artist's rendering of an office building in a parking lot.
A hospital room with a bed, chair, and a clock.
A picture of a skeleton.A picture of a skeleton.A picture of a skeleton.
A skeleton standing in the dark with a black background.
The skeleton of a person with a red eye.
A computer generated image of a human body.
A drawing of a human body in the dark.
A computer generated image of a human body.

Body Systems

Provide your learners with detailed images of different body systems, from the nervous system to the circulatory system.


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Medical Asset Library


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