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Custom Gamified eLearning to Drive Sales

How Twitch Used Gamified eLearning to Drive Ad Sales

"ELB Learning took a very complex set of learning challenges we had at Twitch and delivered a delightful experience that was a hit from day one. Can't recommend them more!"

Gus Murad

Global Director, Sales Enablement

Twitch, Amazon


Twitch was founded in 2005 as a platform for millions of individuals to connect via live streams every day. Acquired by Amazon back in 2014, the company continues to grow and link creators and consumers in similar interests such as gaming, music, sports, and so much more. The audience for Twitch is worldwide making the platform easily accessible and more interactive than most.


For this course, the target audience is potential advertisers and the goal is to show the benefits of working with Twitch. This particular example was targeted to potential advertisers with education on the Twitch platform for Amazon. This project required a balance of fun (minigames) vs. cognitive interactive activities that challenge the thought processes of the reps who’d be working with potential advertisers.

Strategy & Solution

The ELB Learning team strategized with internal Twitch stakeholders to target the course to one thousand Amazon reps that sell ad space. The key message for this internal audience is that Twitch is not OTT (Over The Top media service) or a Full Brand LIVE Platform—which is a different value proposition. Our challenge was to make sure the three modules in the course conveyed that message.

Our initial work used existing modules that were designed to help train media agencies around the globe with a focus on an Ad/Agency audience, with Amazon being a secondary audience. Even though the Twitch vibe is fun and gamified, the tone of the course could not focus on humor because our focus was a global audience. It’s often tough to translate humor across cultures. In addition, Amazon’s professional training culture does not invoke a sense of humor. Our goal was to obtain an upbeat tone, be informative and yet stay professional—aiming for a News Anchor feel. We focused on interactivity but not just for fun—these are busy professionals so we want them engaged through interactivity while gauging what they are learning, but the final result should be functional fun. The final objective of the program was for Sales Agents to come away from experiencing the Magic of a Twitch course and be able to give a 30-second elevator pitch.


Due to the course rolling out mid-global pandemic lockdown in 2020, Twitch grew from 3.6M streamers in 2019 to 6.9M in 2020 and 9M in 2021. The results show that Advertisers invested $750M in 2020—a massive jump from $310M in 2019.

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