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Transforming Call Center Onboarding

How ELB Learning Helped Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Reimagine Onboarding for Better Employee Retention


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBS - MA), a leading health insurance provider, faced significant challenges with its call center onboarding process. The extensive duration of up to 7 weeks for onboarding resulted in high turnover rates, as new hires often left before fully completing their training or handling customer calls. Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, BCBS - MA partnered with ELB Learning, a premier provider of learning and development (L&D) solutions.


BCBS - MA's call center onboarding process was not only time-consuming but also inefficient. New hires had to navigate through the complexities of learning multiple systems, which overwhelmed them and contributed to early attrition. The organization sought to:

  • Reduce the onboarding time for new call center employees.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the training program.
  • Improve employee retention within the call center.
  • Ensure new hires could quickly and effectively answer customer inquiries.

Strategy & Solution

ELB Learning collaborated closely with BCBS - MA to thoroughly understand the existing onboarding process and the support provided to new hires once on the job. Through this partnership, ELB Learning designed a comprehensive solution that included a streamlined onboarding blueprint, personalized learning paths, and just-in-time support.

Reimagined Onboarding Program

  • Blueprint for Training: Developed a streamlined onboarding blueprint that focused on critical systems and processes, reducing the training period to just under 3 weeks.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Implemented adaptive learning paths using AI to cater to the individual learning pace and style of each new hire, ensuring a more personalized and effective learning experience.
  • Just-in-Time Training Support: Introduced a just-in-time training model that provided new hires with access to resources and support exactly when needed, enhancing their ability to resolve customer queries efficiently.


Next Steps

As we move forward from the successful transformation of the onboarding process for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBS - MA), ELB Learning is now embarking upon a comprehensive Content Curation Initiative. This initiative is designed to further enhance the learning experience for call center employees, ensuring they have access to the most relevant, effective, and efficient training materials possible.

Content Review and Optimization

ELB Learning is currently in the process of reviewing all existing training content provided to BCBS - MA. Our goal is to strengthen and shorten the content, making it more impactful and easier to digest. By focusing on the core essentials and removing any superfluous information, we aim to streamline the learning process, making it more engaging and less time-consuming for new hires.

Asynchronous, Self-Paced, Just-In-Time Support

A key focus of our initiative is to transition towards asynchronous, self-paced learning models, supplemented by just-in-time support. This approach allows call center employees to learn at their own pace, accessing training materials whenever and wherever they need them. Just-in-time support is particularly beneficial in a fast-paced call center environment, where time is of the essence, and employees need to quickly find answers to customer inquiries.

Empowering BCBS - MA with Diverse Tools for Content Creation

Looking towards the future, ELB Learning is committed to empowering BCBS - MA to take a more active role in content creation. We plan to introduce a variety of tools and platforms that will enable BCBS - MA to develop their own training materials. This will not only foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement but also ensure that the content is highly tailored to the specific needs and challenges of their call center operations.

By equipping BCBS - MA with the skills and tools to create dynamic, engaging, and effective training content, we are setting the stage for a sustainable, long-term learning strategy. This approach will enable BCBS - MA to rapidly adapt to changes, introduce new systems and processes, and continue to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their call center employees.

In summary, the Content Curation Initiative represents the next step in our ongoing partnership with BCBS - MA, building on the success of the Reimagined Onboarding Program to create a more flexible, responsive, and empowering learning environment for call center employees.

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