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Values-based Training Helps Fraternity Members Make the Right Choices


Sigma Chi is an international fraternity dedicated to nurturing values-based leaders who leave a positive impact on the world.


Sigma Chi wanted to give their members and recruits true exposure and understanding of policies and realistic scenarios to help them make the right choices. However, the fraternity did not have a curriculum designer or eLearning expert, resulting in stale, PowerPoint-based online programs and basic handouts. Feedback from members said the training and recruitment content was boring and needed to be more ‘lit.’

Short video clips presented pledges struggling with realistic scenarios, followed by a knowledge check.

Our online programs were really just a lot of PowerPoint slides with some videos. They were really, really painfully boring. When we worked with eLearning Brothers, what we got back was absolutely amazing!

Strategy & Solution

eLearning Brothers developed a series of interactive, engaging online learning modules tackling everything from the history of the fraternity and how to become an officer to forging healthy relationships and making the right decisions when faced with alcohol, drugs, and risky behavior. Guided by custom designed avatars representing fictional fraternity brothers, members and pledges learned about Sigma Chi’s history, values, ideals, and programs.

Learners connected with the 4 pledges and felt motivated to help them succeed.
Opportunities to reflect helped learners understand serious topics like mental health.


Since the implementation of the new training, Sigma Chi reports higher pledge retention rates each year, an overall increase in pledge-class GPA each year, and an increase in leadership development and involvement among members. College educational materials often focus on the extreme situations where there is only one right thing to do, but the new training presents more nuanced scenarios that students encounter all the time and really helps them make values-based decisions.

eLearning Brothers and Sigma Chi have received several honors for these courses:

  • Brandon Hall Group Gold award for excellence in the Talent Acquisition category
  • Horizon Interactive Gold Award in the Training/E-Learning category
  • Laurel Wreath Award from the North American Interfraternity Conference

By giving them this structure that they can relate to and are paying attention to we are definitely seeing a decrease in negative behavior, and that's fantastic for us.

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