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QSR Chain Banks on Custom Leadership Training for a Global Workforce

How Custom eLearning Solutions Helps Global Managers to Lead Better


Establishing its first store in 1960, this popular QSR chain now has over 19,000 stores in over 90 international markets across the globe. It believes in doing the right thing, putting people first, creating inspired solutions, championing customers, and growing and winning together. The company’s leadership has a shared commitment to excellence and innovation and continues to emphasize the importance of new and emerging technologies in its business. 


In keeping with its philosophy of creating inspired leaders, the company wanted to deliver an exceptional leadership program to its army of Global Managers, titled “Leading Self.” Through this program, the client wanted to instill greater emphasis on:

  1. Accountability: Holding self and others accountable to meet commitments
  2. Collaboration: Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives
  3. Self-Development: Actively seeking new ways to grow and be challenged using both successes and failures as development channels
  4. Customer-Focus: Building strong internal and external customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions.

The client's L&D team identified these key parameters and wanted a training course that could be consistently delivered to Managers across the globe. They understand that creating amazing leaders across the board requires consistent training efforts. ELB Learning was challenged with building a learning curriculum that addressed each of these critical competencies in an engaging and application-oriented manner. 

The course needed to ensure that learners remain engaged with the content after the training is completed. And, deliver training that excites learners and creates a vibrant learning community. 

Strategy & Solution

The client partnered with ELB Learning for our experience and expertise in the subject matter. Our exceptional design, development, and delivery process combined with a history of award-winning content development assured the client that we will deliver the desired outcome from this signature training program. 

To create a balanced and comprehensive learning experience, Team ELB Learning proposed a training solution that includes intense in-person delivery sessions complemented by training content beyond the classroom session. Key features include:

  • A learning design and curriculum curated by an expert team of Instructional Designers to achieve training excellence while also providing superior learning experiences to the participants.
  • The learning content was created with the help of subject matter experts and the in-house team driving the training.
  • Apart from instructional training, the session was interspersed with activities, breakout sessions, and collaborative assignments to indulge in application-based learning. 
  • Engaging classroom activities include visually appealing guides for facilitators and students.
  • eLearning Courses for follow-up activities to refine and extend learning beyond the classroom and to prepare for other programs in the Leadership Development curriculum.


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