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Education: K – 12

Modern Antisemitism & Hate Education Program for Grades 9-12

Teaching students about antisemitism, past and present, and other forms of discrimination to help build respect for all people.

The inclusion of personal stories helps students build empathy, perspective-taking, and allyship.


EVERFI by BlackBaud is dedicated to helping organizations tackle intractable social issues by providing the missing layer of education. EVERFI leverages the combined power of their platform, people, and partner networks--like ELB Learning--to make sure learners have the tools and skills to drive ecosystems of change and inspire lifelong success.


BINAH: Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism & Hate was designed to teach students about the history and current status of antisemitism and other expressions of discrimination to help build respect for all people, regardless of the makeup of their school community.

Strategy & Solution

This course consists of four modules, each spanning 15-20 minutes of play-time. Through a variety of interactive lessons, students learn through short real-world stories, helping them to explore and engage in topics like the Holocaust, the lives of Hasidic Jews, immigration, and antisemitic acts in America. The inclusion of personal stories helps students build empathy, perspective-taking, and allyship.

Although each module presents a different subject, each follows a similar flow:

  1. Introduction module, exploring the core information learners need preceding the course
  2. A pre-survey
  3. A series of interactive pages that allow for learners to explore concepts related to anti-semitism, historical events and their connection to present day events, underlying causes and themes of anti semitism in history and today’s culture, and connections to other types of prejudice
  4. Self-reflection on what the learner read and experienced during the module. There are no right or wrong answers during this section; this is simply just for reflection.
  5. Knowledge check questions throughout the core content modules will measure learners’ understanding of concepts as they are presented.
  6. And finally at the end of the module students take their post-assessment and are guided back to the home screen in order to move onto the next lesson.

This course also includes a separate Resource module, which includes supporting information, a Glossary of terms acquired throughout the course, and citations that allow students to explore the deeper context for each of the stories presented throughout the course.

BINAH’s four modules are based on the C3 Social Studies Standards, Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and College & Career Readiness.

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