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Investment Firm Sets Benchmark with Cybersecurity Course

Custom interactive learning program helps protect Vista Equity Partners from data breaches and cyber attacks


Vista Equity Partners Management, LLC is a market-leading investment firm with over $101 billion in assets under management and over 20 years of investing exclusively in enterprise software. Vista believes in the transformative power of technology for an even better future — a healthier planet, a smarter economy, a diverse and inclusive community, and a broader path to prosperity.

Vista employs over 700 employees and 210 investment professionals across 6 locations. By providing technology expertise, operational guidance, and capital for sustainable growth, it empowers organizations across all industries to stay ahead in the digital economy.


As part of their new hire onboarding program and an annual compliance course for existing employees, Vista needed a crisp and engaging cybersecurity learning program. While they wanted to offer flexibility to their employees and opted for an eLearning curriculum, they wanted to ensure staff complied with the course while gaining essential knowledge and skills on a critical topic. They also needed subject matter expertise to ensure content accuracy and design and deliver the curriculum to its vast audience. 

Strategy & Solution

In order to meet the specific needs of Vista, ELB Learning proposed and delivered a cybersecurity training curriculum that is engaging, interactive, and scores high on learner experience. The standout features of the course include:

  • An eLearning cybersecurity module of 30-40 minutes that can be easily completed by learners in one session.
  • A self-paced learning course offering greater flexibility and accessibility to a geographically dispersed audience.
  • A linear and progressive cybersecurity curriculum that emphasizes cybersecurity basics, cyber threats, digital fluency, and the technical know-how of handling real-life situations.
  • Custom level 2 interactivity, complete with 25% immersive content, 45% active learning, and 30% presentational content. 
  • Interactive scenarios offer practical application to learners and the use of custom and stock imagery offers personalization.
  • An easy and interesting multiple-choice questions assessment as a knowledge check at the end of the course offers confidence and ensures timely completion. 

Vista continues to deliver the training to all its employees and periodically updates it for functionality and user experience. 


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