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Increasing Training Efficiency and Learner Retention With Games

How TELUS International used training games and gamification to drive learning goals and KPIs across a global workforce.


TELUS International is a leading digital customer experience innovator providing services across 32 countries, 50+ supported languages with 70 global delivery centers and digital studios. TELUS International is dedicated to designing, building, and delivering next-gen digital solutions to some of the world’s largest and most respected brands.


Given their extensive worldwide scope and regional representation, TELUS International noticed a disconnect between their customers’ specific employee training goals & KPIs and the training results being measured. The challenge became finding a cost-efficient and effective solution that could target those specific company training needs for both new-hire employees and existing, more seasoned employees.

Strategy & Solution

TELUS International began research surrounding gamification as a strategy to increase employee learning, performance, and engagement, and quickly found that the effectiveness of gamification was everywhere; from a coffee shop loyalty app rewarding purchases with gold stars that can be redeemed  for free product, to gamified learning utilizing leaderboards to measure employee performance and track the progress and achievement of goals and objectives.

TELUS International had tried training games in the past; however, they found the design and development process to be lengthy, expensive, and overall inefficient when it came to what they had originally envisioned for gamified training.

That is until they discovered The Training Arcade®.

TELUS International officially partnered with ELB Learning to integrate The Training Arcade® into their customers’ training solutions in order to efficiently deliver a better understanding of existing or new company procedures and processes. 

Implementing The Training Arcade was key to targeting specific training goals and learning objectives with increased learner engagement. The software also helped empower the trainers at TELUS International to deploy training modules and materials more effectively and efficiently.

With such a vast global scale, TELUS International works with an array of learner profiles, so it was also important to find a solution that resonated with multiple generations of learners across all applicable global locales.


Since incorporating The Training Arcade into their training programs, TELUS International trainers have created more than 500 training games and have seen over 30,000 unique players. 

Additionally, there have been over 140,000 game sessions played, making that an average replayability of 4.6 sessions played per learner.

TELUS International also found that player accuracy has increased from 62% to 70%, meaning players are answering more questions correctly out of the total number of quiz questions they are being asked.

It’s important to note that these results don’t only speak to the 18-year-old new hires. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), 68% of American adults play video games, and across all five generations currently in the workforce, all five generations report playing video games. 

This is because regardless of generation, games and gamification are used to drive knowledge checks in a fun, safe environment, giving learners the opportunity to fail and learn at their own pace. The instant gratification and feedback one gets from game-based learning keeps learners engaged, and in-turn increases knowledge retention on the training content.

Another key element of The Training Arcade that has driven success for TELUS International is the ease of deployment and plug-and-play nature of the software. This allows the company to put more power of training content creation into the hands of the trainers, who also work along-side content developers. With all of these factors combined, TELUS International has found the time to create and deploy training programs that involve The Training Arcade games has greatly decreased and has made for a more efficient training workflow overall.

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