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How Custom Learning Solutions Delivers Healthcare Product Training To Support Sales

Immersive Mixed Modality Learning Solution for Johnson & Johnson's Breakthrough Healthcare Technology


As the only eye health company with health at its core, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, and with a history of innovation firsts, Johnson & Johnson Vision is uniquely positioned to reimagine the future of eye health and deliver an all-encompassing portfolio of solutions to transform patients’ lives.

At Johnson & Johnson Vision, the priority is to deliver on the eye health needs of patients around the world. A unified, global organization that collaborates, innovates, and works seamlessly together to care for patients at every stage in their eye health journey. 


Johnson & Johnson Vision (J&J Vision) unveiled a breakthrough innovation in healthcare technology, the ELITA™ Femtosecond Laser System, at the 2023 American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting in San Diego. It offers a generational leap in corneal refractive technology, with benefits for surgeons, practices, and patients alike. 

The ELITA™ femtosecond laser is a next-gen laser vision correction system with exceptional precision and performance for a smooth surgical experience and outstanding patient outcomes. It is designed for use in corneal refractive surgery. Can be used to create a corneal flap for patients undergoing LASIK surgery or a lenticule for patients undergoing lenticular extraction surgical procedures. 

J&J Vision partnered with ELB Learning to create highly interactive product training modules for its audience of global sales and marketing teams. The goal was to provide a learning solution that ensures learning accuracy and proficiency with the new technology, while delivering a state-of-the-art immersive and interactive learning experience. The solution provides diverse learners with a more hands-on virtual wet-lab experience.  

Strategy & Solution

ELB Learning proposed a multimodal learning solution to support a wide variety of learner needs and preferences for J&J Vision's global audience.

Here are some of the defining features of the project:

  • A highly interactive virtual learning experience including videos, games, and simulations. Custom content development based on J&J Vision resources and SME support. 
  • Learner-focused instructional design strategies, restructured content grouping and intuitively designed course navigation.
  • About 30 minutes long with an English voiceover and closed captioning in 4 languages - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French.
  • Presented in an ELITA™ branded environment. 
  • Delivered via CenarioVR, a powerful, responsive software for the development of interactive learning experiences in a 360-degree virtual reality environment, from ELB Learning. 
  • Viewable via the web, mobile devices, and nearly any VR headset.
  • Included job aids to further assist learners in the process.
  • Delivered as a SCORM file as well as individual parts including videos, animations, and newly created 3D files. 
  • Includes a gamification layer that tracks progress and performance.


Note: This is a new course. Stay tuned for metrics as learners complete the training.

Below is a summary of the course:

ELITA™ Overview 

  • The training begins with an actor-narrated introduction outlining what ELITA™ is / what it does.

ELITA™ System Components 

  • Next the training includes a 3D tour of ELITA™ features during which learners interact with the equipment via hotspots to unlock explanatory text, video, and interactive animation. Learners are encouraged to click on each one to learn more about how they work. 

ELITA™ Unique Laser Characteristics 

  • An animated video (with optional VO) reviews the features, specifications, characteristics, and differences.

Graphical User Interface and Workflow  

  • A video (with optional VO) reviews: 

a. Patient and treatment selection

b. Procedural planning

ELITA™ Procedures 

  • A video (with optional VO) highlighting the proprietary procedures. 


After completing this coursework, learners are presented with a gamified knowledge check to assess their learning. 

VR Simulation

  • Learners access a virtual reality simulation to operate the ELITA™ via a virtual procedure. This experience is playable on PC or goggles and covers 10-20 steps. 

Home Study / Job Aids

  • A digital solution that includes text, video, animations, and simple assessments, built for each of the five key sections.

The training course has been designed and delivered to ensure superior learning outcomes and proficiency with the ELITA Femtosecond Laser System.

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