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Global Cloud Infrastructure Company Transforms Sales Training Solutions

How an interactive custom sales training solution boosted course completion and impact


One of the most trusted and popular names in virtualization software and business mobility services, the client counts some of the top names in the Fortune 1000 list in its clientele. With over 20,000 employees and a global presence, it is considered a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. 


The client had a strong proprietary sales technique in place that focused on training their sales representatives into powerful sellers. Instructor-led training had been its trusted strategy to deliver learning, and the client had two key requirements for a new program:

  • Revamp and enrich the existing training material into an online training program. 
  • The enriched course should boost course completion rates and drive sales.

Strategy & Solution

The training program's target audience comprised individuals with some experience in sales. Most of them also accessed learning content via their smartphones. The key here was to deploy a solution that would hold interest, engage learners, and meet the desired learning outcomes. 

The team of learning strategists and instructional designers at ELB Learning decided to use an Interactive Video Simulation as a key component of the training program.

In training, videos are generally used as non-interactive elements that present a demo of what is being taught. ELB Learning opted for an interactive video simulation that would allow sales reps to observe a simulated sales scenario and learn to sell better. The simulation has a user-friendly interface that allows learners to evaluate a real-world scenario. The scenario (video) depicts a conversation between a potential senior-level client and a sales rep. The video is segmented based on the steps of the client’s proprietary sales methodology.

Learners have an opportunity to objectively observe the verbal and non-verbal cues, the steps in the sales process, and interactions between the client and the sales rep to identify appropriate or inappropriate behaviors at each step of the selling process. They are also prompted to identify the reason why a specific behavior is effective or ineffective and receive constructive feedback for their choices.

The video is spliced into time capsules that map to the selling process. Learners can evaluate the conversation at any point in the discussion. They can provide feedback sequentially for the steps in the sales process or choose to provide feedback for a specific step by accessing the appropriate video segment. Learners can also use this simulation as a refresher for any step of the sales methodology. The simulation provides both evaluative and descriptive feedback to learners. Providing specific feedback helps learners focus on the details and ensures that the transfer of learning from the program to the user is complete and effective.


The simulation addresses a critical gap in the digital learning paradigm. Digital learning works well for teaching concepts—both technical and behavioral—and proved its mettle in sales training courses. 

The simulations are part of the client’s sales training programs. Offered to both sales reps and the client’s channel partner sales staff, the program improves their ability to sell products and solutions and delivers quantifiable business benefits. 

  • Partner completions for accreditations have increased steadily over the last 3 years. 
  • Post the deployment of the new sales program, sales have grown by 11%.
  • This specific solution improved learner satisfaction and engagement with the course curriculum.

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