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Building Telecommunications Leaders

How custom management training tested users’ skills in five key areas to see if they have what it takes to become a leader in the telecommunications industry.


IHS Towers is one of the largest independent owners, operators and developers of shared communications infrastructure in the world. The company is dedicated to engineering excellence and provide a wide range of communications infrastructure solutions and managed services to enable customers to achieve their connectivity goals, including:

-Inbuilding & distributed antenna systems (DAS)
-Small cell
-Fiber connectivity
-Rural telephony


The IHS Towers of Strength course was created to test users’ skills in five key areas to see if they have what it takes to become a leader in the Telecommunications Industry.

Strategy & Solution

We created a branching path game with distinct scenarios to help learners better understand how to make smart decisions with both budget and profitability in mind. This course assesses learners’ skills in the areas of Billing, Consolidation, Sales, Power Cut Over and Tower Retrofitting. Although each of the five modules covers a different topic, they each follow a similar flow:

  • Introduction: Introductory slides welcoming the user to the module and sets up the scenario at hand.
  • Decisions: A series of decisions presented to the user to make throughout a variety of interactive activities.
  • Players make unique choices based on what they think is best, while also keeping in mind their budget or goal.
  • Each decision they make impacts the profitability of the company for better or for worse.

Whether their decisions are correct or incorrect, users are provided written and visual feedback about how their choice impacts their remaining budget.

  • Users can then choose to continue directly onto the next section or to travel home.
  • On the home screen, users are always able to access their game progress through the icon located in the top right corner.
  • Conclusion: At the end of each scenario, users see how they rank compared to the best possible outcome for that section.

Each scenario presented allows users to explore and make mistakes, but ultimately helps them to understand the decisions that lead to the best possible outcome. By connecting core tower company leadership and management concepts to an interactive scenarios-based game, we have provided the building blocks for carrying abstract ideas to real-life application.

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