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Blended Learning Solution to Custom Train Manufacturing Managers

How Entegris Trained New Managers With Necessary Skills and Core Competencies


Entegris is a global leader in advanced materials science, manufacturing products and systems that support critical materials used in producing semiconductor devices. The organization has the expertise, infrastructure, and determination to help solve the most advanced technology challenges. 

With a broad solutions portfolio, collaborative and innovative product development, and a focus on science and applications knowledge, Entegris is the Science of Innovation. Founded in 1966, today the organization has 9000 employees and over 4400 active patents. 


Entegris has undergone several acquisitions in recent years that have expanded its talent pool, but have simultaneously introduced new managers with varied management styles and levels of experience. As the company expanded, the leadership team recognized that in order to create consistency and efficiency, they needed to streamline manager development through their Management Achievement Program (MAP). 

The program needed to ensure all new managers had the necessary skills and core competencies to succeed. Their goal was to level the playing field so all managers could be evaluated fairly and to create alignment on what makes a great manager at Entegris.

Strategy & Solution

Entegris enlisted ELB Learning to develop a virtual version of MAP that could be used on an ongoing basis, to ensure its incoming managers would be successful and aligned with the company’s expectations. ELB Learning developed a blended learning solution that teaches 10 key areas of focus for managers, through live and virtual synchronous training sessions, team and individual exercises, and practical frameworks.

The ELB Learning team worked with Entegris’ talent management group to understand their core values and priorities, then developed a 10-topic content framework covering everything from building trust and credibility to managing one’s own productivity and motivating others. 

Further, a multi-pronged approach was introduced that included two-day live workshops at the beginning and end of the training, with three consecutive months of virtual 90-minute sessions, covering one topic per month. 

In addition to these synchronous portions of the training, ELB Learning incorporated asynchronous elements, such as specific LinkedIn Learning Paths and case studies that learners read pre-discussion. 

To further increase engagement, the program establishes triads—small groups of three participants who work together to solve application activities, hold each other accountable for completing coursework, and coach one another to build managerial skills.


To date, more than 200 participants have gone through the manager training and have instilled a sense of empowerment and collaboration that has increased productivity and engagement.

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