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American Banking Giant Unlocks Collaborative Training Efforts For Success With New Demographic

How Custom Training Solutions Bridged Branches and Investment Specialists to Ace New Business Goals

The work produced by ELB Learning is second to none! In my 20 years in this industry, I’ve never seen such impeccable attention to detail woven with creativity and learning. The feedback we have received, from the participants utilizing the learning content, is all 5-star. Typically, participants in our organization do not leave commentary on learning modules, but this time there was a massive amount of positive responses!

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Headquartered in Ohio, the client is one of the United States’ largest, bank-based financial services companies. With over 18,000 full-time employees, they are located in 15 states with over 1,000 full-service branches and hold assets of approximately $190 billion.

Two main segments define their business, Consumer Banking and Commercial Banking.


With over 195 years of banking experience, the organization wanted to create an exclusive program of services for a new business demographic. This suite of holistic financial services, including investment banking would be highly beneficial to select customers and also showcase the client’s strengths. 

In order to garner maximum reach with this new program, a collaborative effort was needed between branch sales and investment specialists. Members were first required to understand the new initiative and be well-versed in the intricacies and benefits. The two independent teams would join forces to create a banking solution tailored to the customers. 

Furthermore, a training curriculum that was agile, rapid, on budget, and delivered quickly was an essential client requirement. 

Strategy & Solution

With a consultative approach in creating learning experiences, ELB Learning was challenged to create a flexible learning curriculum that delivered superior learning outcomes and maximum return on investment. Additionally, collaboration with all stakeholders was key, and included working with Project Managers, Learning Strategy Architects, Instructional Designers, and more.

Through our rapid-solutioning process, the learning strategy that was developed for the client’s unique needs was:
-Virtual instructor-led training sessions
-eLearning modules
-Simulation activities and interactivity modules
-Gamification - an Arcades® Platform license with 10 game templates including Jeopardy!® and Wheel of Fortune® (for up to 10,000 users and 5 admins)

Through this strategy, ELB Learning knew we could deliver visually explosive, deeply immersive, and effective learning experiences for team members, to help them open a dialogue with high investors and help the client develop lasting relationships with this important demographic.


The key highlights of the solution were:

Content Readiness: The entire training program was divided into two phases. All existing content was analyzed for content readiness and the gaps were plugged with the help of SMEs. Phase 0 covered Sales Management and Coaching, and ELB Learning deliverables included VILT sessions and a PDF Coaching Guide. Phase 1 was further split into 4 modules, Team Dynamics, Outbound Calling, Sales Process, and Follow-up Cadence.

Learning Modes: VILT sessions were amped up with breakout group activities, knowledge checks and reflection questions. To ensure continuous engagement, participants were given support materials. Each module deployed a variety of learning modes to cater to diverse learner needs. Scenario-based learning through videos, PPT slides with activities, support materials, and more delve deep into the customer journeys and personas, to help them create unique financial solutions for the clients. 

Custom Interactivity: An eLearning module—Level 2 interactivity—with a review game using personas was deployed to prompt thinking around tailored responses rather than being reliant on scripting. High engagement and performance were ensured through fictional characters with a profile and backstory. 

Level 3 eLearning simulations were deployed, one for each client-appointment type. Simulations were case-based client interactions with branching, client reactions and cumulative scoring to foster application and decision-making. This helped emphasize “learning by doing.”

Learner Engagement: A team-scoring option was enabled and posted on a program-wide leaderboard, which tapped into the natural competitiveness of sales executives. Simulated client conversations, summary videos, and a game wrap up relationship-building and other skill-building content for the learners. Learners continue working in teams with access to live simulations with coaches, acting as clients, and other performance support documents. 

For in-person workshops, ELB Learning created and delivered facilitator notes, interactivities, and role-plays to energize sessions and maximize learning outcomes. Additionally, ELB Learning created an exclusive and innovative learning experience journey to walk through the proposed solution from the learner’s perspective. Such options helped the client to narrow down the learning strategy and achieve business impact from Step 1. 

This comprehensive solution ensured creative, professional, and effective learning experiences. The training engaged learners and is expected to lead to long-term culture shift and behavior change. 

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