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Get AI-Ready! Expert consulting, development, and training services.

In the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era, opportunities are everywhere. From foundational knowledge and advanced strategies to AI development and implementation, we’re with you every step of the way. Our activities equip you with the right tools and insights, while our deliverables ensure tangible outcomes for your AI initiatives. Let us help you achieve your business goals.


Raise Your Team’s IQ

Raise your team’s IQ and skills around all things AI. This workshop helps teams understand prompt creation, language models, AI use cases, and how to leverage AI tools in their day-to-day work.


Develop An AI Roadmap

Ready to harness the power of AI? This discovery process digs into your team’s “AI readiness” and creates a robust strategic plan to bring your AI initiatives to life and supercharge your business.


Design, Create, & Deploy

It’s time to create your AI solutions! Software and training development, AI model creation, immersive content design…we’re ready to help you create and deploy AI-enabled solutions into your business.


How can we get up to speed quickly on AI and better understand its potential and how to use it in our business?

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can make your team more productive. We’ll help you learn how to get AI to do what you want and get the results you need for your business.

This interactive instructor-led training session will raise your team’s AI understanding of prompt creation and how Large Language Models (LLMs) work. Participants will receive practical AI skills they can start using right away.

This AI training course will be tailored to your team’s skill level, whether foundational or advanced. We’ll ensure your employees have the knowledge to leverage AI to improve productivity and efficiency in their day-to-day jobs.

Workshop Overview

1 – 3 hour artificial intelligence training led by our team of AI experts

Content scaled from beginner to advanced; complexity is flexible and based on your team’s AI aptitude

Hands-on breakout activities will be customized for the participating departments (sales, training, marketing, executive, etc.)

Workshop Outline

Large Language Models (LLMs): Evolution, key differences between free and enterprise tools, the role of LLMs in business

Security and data privacy concerns

Effective prompt structure and creation, and evaluating LLM responses

AI use cases and practical scenarios


How can we determine the best use of AI in my company and create a plan for success?

The AI Discovery process will assess your company’s Artificial Intelligence readiness by listening to what your pain points are and determining how AI can help.

Through consultative work and design thinking, we’ll pinpoint where your company stands and provide a full strategic roadmap to implement and harness AI’s full potential.

The AI Discovery process is tailored to your business needs and can include these areas of focus and deliverables:

Areas of Focus

AI Planning and Strategy

Visions and Goals

Value Proposition and ROI Analysis

Ethics and Governance

Tech Stack Evaluation and Selection

Change Management and Innovation

Training and Implementation


Readiness Assessment Report

Maturity Modeling

Roadmap Recommendations

Proof-of-Concept Prototype

Actionable POC Prototype Implementation

Next Steps Iteration

Ecosystem Canvas

Implementation Roadmap


We are ready to build something amazing but need help. Who can design, develop, and implement AI solutions?

Get moving on AI-powered solutions. We’ll design, create, and deploy AI-enhanced processes, tools, and training to supercharge your team’s productivity!

We’ve got you covered from software engineering and AI modeling to change management and training.

Software Design & Engineering

Designing and implementing flexible and scalable software systems is our goal.

Our solutions cover a wide range of platforms, including web, mobile, and wearables. Solutions that are thoughtfully designed, tested, and deployed that not only meet your business requirements but also your budget and timelines.

Change Management & Training

When bringing AI technologies and initiatives to the workplace, it’s critical to mitigate risks around employee adoption and engagement. Change management and training can ensure that employees, stakeholders, and the organization as a whole successfully adapt to new systems, processes, or strategies. Our team can help create a change management plan and needed training support.

Immersive Content Design

Engaging solutions can create memorable and lasting results. Our teams can help you offer a unique, immersive experience that takes it to the next level. VR, AR, 3D environments, video, and much more.

AI Model Creation & Training

Our AI experts are ready to revolutionize your organization’s AI capabilities. We excel in crafting tailored datasets, fine-tuning models, and deploying private AI solutions to drive innovation.

The ELB Learning AI Solutions Team is here to make it happen.

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AI Case Studies

Leveraging AI to Give Workers Easy Access to a Large Amount of Training Content
Our skilled AI team used AI to make a user-friendly knowledge management system for a global eCommerce company. This system lets them train their employees easily on many standard operating procedures. It includes an AI agent that gives precise answers to AI questions and shares PDFs for more information. This agent works well on different platforms like web and mobile apps, and chatbots.
A Proprietary AI Tool Integrated with Google Docs to Increase Writing Productivity
Our AI team created a special AI tool for a prominent publishing company. This tool was added to Google Docs as an extension. It has features for writing, editing, summarizing, and copying the user’s writing style. It also helps with brainstorming ideas. This tool cut down the client’s writing time from four months to three weeks and showed quick benefits within the first month after it started.
A Multi-Modal AI Tool to Create Personalized Training and Role Playing for a Sports Promotion Company
Our AI team made a versatile AI app for a world-renowned sports promotion company. The app includes different features like skill improvement, sports nutrition, medicine, science, psychology, role-playing, and gathering information. The company uses this to make custom training materials and scenarios for athletes to learn the company’s procedures, policies, and best practices. This AI model was trained using the company’s website and a detailed 600-page analysis, helping to create personalized training plans quickly.
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