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Welcome to the podcast for people who want to make learning & development ROCK. We’re bringing you the best tips from our top webinar presenters. We cover everything from eLearning development to training delivery and everything in between! Learn how to create engaging content, sell yourself as an instructional designer, and prove training ROI.

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The Periodic Table of Elements gives scientific scholars a way to contextualize and organize the many elements they work with. Inspired by that, we created a Periodic Table of Instructional Design. In this episode, we’ll explore 10 of our favorite transformational “elements” from the eLearning Brothers Periodic Table of Instructional Design. These are the 10 we think make the biggest difference in project success.

We're excited to introduce you to the eLearning Brothers Podcast, where we help YOU become an eLearning ROCKSTAR!

They say there's a time and a place for most things, and we're inclined to think the same about ADDIE and Agile in Learning and Development. In this episode we'll have a conversation about these two philosophies. When is one better than the other? Who uses ADDIE now but used Agile before?

You already know that adding stories to your eLearning can make it more engaging, but what makes a good story? Storytelling is a universally loved art, and there are some time-tested techniques guaranteed to get your audience's attention and leave a lasting impression.

Andrew Townsend, Campaign Marketing Manager, shares 5 ways you can unlock the magic of storytelling in your eLearning development to increase learner engagement and retention. Pulling from beloved movies like Star Wars, Rocky, and Lord of the Rings, Andrew shows you key storytelling principles and how they play into excellent eLearning design.

Instructional Designers have to be brilliant - on every topic. In this episode Dr. Scott Baird, founder of Griffin Hill, addressed some of the common issues IDs face: stakeholders that don't see the value in training, pressure to come up with a way to help sales people elevate performance, etc. This webinar recording will show you how to take the power you have - your instructional design knowledge and your secret weapon, eLearning Brothers Off-The-Shelf Courseware - and help you give your company the strategic advantage it needs to survive and thrive.

Today’s instructional designers are challenged to create learning content for not only a globally dispersed audience, but also one that’s generationally rich. In 2021 there are five distinct generations in the workforce—all with distinct learning styles. Is your content reaching them all?
In this episode we host Andrea Maliska, Founder of Rebel Learn LLC, in a discussion focused on how to increase the engagement of your learners by keeping the five generation spread in mind.